Sunday, October 31, 2010

20 Most Famous Social Workers of Our Time - Inspiring Read

I was checking out the articles on the website, and came across this list of well-respected social workers. The 20 most famous, they said. As I looked at the list, I was inspired and felt good, all of a sudden, about my 35 year career as a social worker. Much good has been accomplished and social workers have been the ones to effect change.

Read about writers, teachers and public servants, all of whom were social workers.


S.Wangene said...

Thank you for sharing this.

Jessie@ How To Become said...

This is really inspiring article. Thanks for introducing it to us.

Anonymous said...

Oh please do stop self-praising yourselves! You are paid a more than adequate salary to carry out a role on behalf of the state (for statutory s/workers) and are not simply doing it out of the selflessness and generosity of your heart at great personal emotional and financial expense! That is what the public tax payer is paying you to do, so get over yourselves. Many other public sector workers are doing an equally if not better job at improving the quality of people's lives or protecting them from risk, but don't fell the need for constant self-affirmation. The real praise should go to those like soldiers in theatres of wars! Just get on with what you are paid to do - its not about you feeling good about yourself because of all that you have done! You chose to do that job and you are paid well to do it!

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous," this is a SOCIAL WORK blog. Apparently you were fishing for someone to insult and have it out for someone based on a negative personal experience. No one negated the fine service of other employees of the common good. If you check true salary scales there are those SW's who make excellent wages and many who do not. It is often very difficult, even for us, to see the benefits of our labor. Very often our client's circumstances dismantle any progress they've achieved. I'm sorry that you're offended that someone else might need "Chicken Soup for the Soul." I hope you find peace.

Lynne said...

Social work would have to be one of the most tough but emotionally rewarding professions that you could do.Worldwide we are experiencing a decline in numbers and self esteem as young people are drawn to professions that have higher status and financial reward.Perhaps a sad reflection of changing values but also the lack of understanding in the general community about what social workers do.We haven't been good at self promotion...and perhaps sadly the earlier derogatory comments made about our attempts to do so reflect this general public ignorance.
Feel proud, support each other let the world know more about the breadth and depth of our capacity and skills to enhance the quality and well-being of the lives of our clients.
Lynne ,proud social worker (30 years) Sydney Australia